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Voucher Codes. Just Eat. National Trust. Premium Articles. Subscription offers. Subscription sign in. Read latest edition. UK Edition. US Edition. Log in using your social network account. Please enter a valid password. Keep me logged in. Try Independent Premium free for 1 month See the options. Emil Jannings with his Best Actor statuette, Rex. You can form your own view. Subscribe now. Shape Created with Sketch. The realistic air-combat sequences — a benchmark for all future aviation scenes — set this film apart from the competition at the very first Academy Awards ceremony the category was then named Best Picture Production.

This was the first "talkie" to win the main prize. It follows a pair of sisters from the vaudeville circuit who try to make it big on Broadway. Westerns don't usually win the main prize at the Oscars, but Cimarron proves a rare exception. Grand Hotel , starring Joan Crawford and John Barrymore, is the only Best Picture winner that received no nominations in any other category. This lavish and extremely lengthy MGM production remains a standard in musical filmmaking, even if critics have fallen out of love with it over the years.

One of the most successful films of all time, Gone with the Wind swept the board at the Oscars, winning 10 out of 13 nominations. Alfred Hitchcock's first American film, an adaptation of Daphne du Maurier's gothic drama, won Best Picture, but failed to win any awards in any of the acting, writing or director category — one of the only instances in Oscar history. Otherwise known as: the film that beat Citizen Kane. It's also said to be future Oscar-winner Clint Eastwood's favourite film. After almost missing out on a nomination due to a technicality, Casablanca went on to win three Oscars, including Best Director for Michael Curtiz.

Leo McCarey's collaboration with Bing Crosby wasn't just the biggest hit at the box office, but a ten-time Oscar nominee that marked a first: a Best Actor and Best Supporting Actor nomination - for the same actor Barry Fitzgerald. This drama, following Ray Milland's alcoholic writer, was the talk of the ceremony, winning four trophies in total. This war drama was the talk of Hollywood after winning nine Oscars, including two for veteran and non-professional actor Harold Russell, who remains the only person to have won two awards Best Supporting Actor and an honorary trophy for the same role.

It won three of the five Oscars it was nominated for. Hamlet stands tall as one of the most successful Shakespearean adaptations at the Oscars, as well as the first British film to win Best Picture. This adaptation of the Robert Penn Warren novel of the same name starred Broderick Crawford as the ambitious and occasionally ruthless politician, Willie Stark. Gene Kelly and Leslie Caron lead this musical version of George Gershwin's orchestral composition that won six Oscars in all.

Many consider this film to be one of the worst Best Picture winners in Oscar history, and was the last victor to win fewer than three trophies until Spotlight in Many believe it beat its competitors as it was a chance to honour Cecil B DeMille whose films had failed the main prize. Fred Zinneman's romantic drama took home an impressive eight out of 13 nominations, including a Best Supporting Actor win for Frank Sinatra. One of the last black-and-white Oscar winners as Hollywood moved towards colour in films a matter of years after The Apartment 's release.

This film, from directors Robert Wise and Jerome Robbins, holds the record for most wins for a musical 10 out of 11 nominations. None of the producers of adventure-comedy film Tom Jones showed up to accept the trophy, which is now in possession of Albert Finney. Eight-time Oscar winning My Fair Lady is considered one of the greatest musicals to this day. It's hard to believe that Julie Andrews didn't win for her lead role in The Sound of Music , but it did take home the Best Picture trophy in Oscar favourite Fred Zinneman From Here to Eternity was the talk of the town after his film about the final year of Sir Thomas More walked away with six awards.

No U-certificate film has won Best Picture since Oliver! On the flip-side, Midnight Cowboy became the first and last X-rated film to win Best Picture the classification no longer exists. Seven-time Oscar-winning film Patton made headlines when George C Scott refused to accept his Best Actor trophy due to a dislike of the voting process. Two years after the US introduced its age certificate system, the first R-rated film scooped Best Picture.

The highest-grossing film of was also the year's biggest Oscar winner, even though both Marlon Brando and Al Pacino boycotted the ceremony the former won Best Actor and sent American Indian Rights activist Sacheen Littlefeather in his place. The Sting won seven out of its 10 Oscar nominations, with Julia Phillips becoming the first female producer to be nominated for and to win Best Picture. Only three films have won an Academy Award in the five top categories, and this is one of them. Rocky became a sleeper hit at both the box office and the Academy Awards after receiving 10 nominations and winning three.

Annie Hall beat Star Wars to Oscars glory at the 50th edition of the ceremony. This Best Picture winner also marked the first ever nomination for Meryl Streep who is currently the most nominated actor in Oscars history. Another Meryl Streep nomination followed for Kramer vs Kramer , which won five trophies in total. Robert Redford's tear-jerking drama beat out hot favourite Raging Bull to the main prize.

Richard Attenborough's epic historical drama received several trophies — and beat Steven Spielberg's E. Terms of Endearment slipped through the cracks and won five Oscars from its impressive 11 nominations. Bernardo Bertolucci's epic film about the life of Chinese Emperor Puyi won out in what was a rather eclectic range of Best Picture nominees Fatal Attraction , Moonstruck.

It won all nine Oscars it was nominated for. Yet another Best Picture winner that was the highest-grossing film of that year. The only film based on an off-Broadway production ever to win an Academy Award for Best Picture, and the first actor since Grand Hotel to not earn a nomination for its director this would be repeated with Ben Affleck's Argo. The Silence of the Lambs is considered to be the only horror film that has ever won Best Picture — and is also the third of three films to take home trophies in the five main categories.

Steven Spielberg's acclaimed drama failed to win any acting awards but took home seven Oscars in total, including the coveted Best Picture prize. Hanks would win the next year also for Philadelphia. Braveheart was considered an outside bet until it won Best Film — Drama at the Golden Globes the month before the Oscars were due to take place. Sure enough, it won the main prize. Titanic is one of the most successful films in Oscars history.

Sam Mendes's drama may have not been considered an immediate favourite, but one tactical DreamWorks campaign later and it went home with four five Oscars. This drama, based on the life of Nobel Laureate John Nash Russell Crowe , was a surprise winner at this year's ceremony. Chicago was the first musical to win Best Picture since Oliver! The second sequel to win Best Picture won all 11 Academy Awards it was nominated for, and holds the record for the highest clean sweep in Oscars history.

Crash was the first Best Picture winner since Rocky to win only three Oscars. It was the Coen brothers's crime thriller that reigned supreme. Danny Boyle's sleeper hit Slumdog Millionaire became an Oscars success story, winning eight trophies in total. One of the lowest-grossing films to ever win the main prize, The Hurt Locker also marked the first Best Picture winner by a female director Kathryn Bigelow.

This was also the first time the Best Picture nomination count went above five for the first time since The first fully black-and-white film to win since The Apartment Schindler's List had moments of colour , this film was also the first French-produced film to ever win the top prize. Argo was nominated for seven Academy Awards and won three — although lead star and director was, in the words of Bradley Cooper, "robbed" of a Best Director nomination. Steve McQueen's film was considered one of the best of the year, and its three Oscar wins reflected this.

It made McQueen the first black British producer to ever receive the award.

Cissy Fitzgerald

Michael Keaton may have missed out on Best Actor, but Birdman won the main prize. Oscars Nominations for Best Picture. A portrait of Emil Jannings , circa Getty. The 10 best Oscar Best Picture winners Show all These days, it sometimes seems heretical to admit to an admiration for Woody Allen but his best films stand up as well as ever. The best MGM musicals showed extraordinary artistry.

This is one of the greatest. Producer Hal Wallis at Warner Bros had a knack for overseeing films that were both mainstream and had a social conscience. Not only did Casablanca have Humphrey Bogart, Ingrid Bergman and Claude Rains, but it also dealt with refugees, betrayal and wartime politics. Few other best picture winners are as engrained in the public consciousness as Casablanca.

Its politics are complicated and contradictory. It is also magnificently acted. Marlon Brando gives arguably his greatest performance of all as Terry Molloy, the dockworker and pigeon fancier who could have been a contender in life and in the boxing ring if only his brother had stood by him when he needed him most. Still the greatest sequel in Hollywood history, this film emulated its predecessor The Godfather, in winning the best picture Oscar and out-stripped it in the brilliance of its craftsmanship and performances. NY Times. Retrieved September 25, The film recounts the exploits of a pilot in Mosaque, an imaginary country in the midst of turmoil.

It was Gabor's film debut. Along with his mechanic Christmas Mikhail Rasumny , he is thrown into the military prison. A fight breaks out, leading to the pilot's arrest. The bargain he makes with Dan is that the stranger has to resign from the military and take a job w. Symphony of Living is a American film directed by Frank R. Strayer and starring Evelyn Brent. Disraeli was interested in dealing with the horrific conditions in which the majority of England's working classes lived — or, what is generally called the Condition of England question.

Disraeli's novel was made into a silent film called Sybil in , starring Evelyn Brent and Cowley Wright. Disraeli's interest in this subject stemmed from his interest in the Chartist movement, a working-class political reformist movement that sought universal male suffrage and other parliamentary reforms. Thomas Carlyle sums up the movement in his book "Chartism. Wren, who also wrote the novel Beau Geste, the film is about a desert-bound member of the French Foreign Legion who exposes a betrayer to the Legion and is then sent on a mission among the Arabs to conclude the signing of a crucial peace treaty.

THE CRUSADER 1932 Evelyn Brent

The released feature version is a lost film. In all surviving stills of Beau Sabreur Gary Cooper is shown wearing the distinctive spahi uniform and it is not clear whether the lost film was intended to be a Foreign Legion epic. While Mame is the responsible one at home, Janie stays out late having fun. Bill Gray , who lives down the hall, is sweet on Mame. All three work at a department store, where Janie has been made treasurer of the employee league.

Lem Perkins , a scoundrel in the apartment building, recommends a bet that Janie cannot resist, and she uses some of the league dance money to place her wager. When Mame leaves on vacation, Bill and Janie try window dressing together, with disastrous results: Janie seduces Bill. Meanwhile, Mame returns early to find Bill kissing her sister. Lem convinces her to bet the last of the leagu. He and the upstanding new district attorney Neil Hamilton separately pursue the case.

Cultivated but sinister businessmen, a shady nightclub owner specializing in "import and export", several beautiful young women always seen in evening gowns, a "Latin lover" type who reads Casanova and an abundance of suave men in evening dress provide eye-candy for the duration.

Mitchell and starring Evelyn Brent. Retrieved September 6, Retrieved January 10, Wallace Bradley Page as Nick Quinn a. Crowell Clarence Muse as Jefferson Q. Leffingwell References "Attorney for the Defense". New York Times.

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Married to a Mormon is a silent British drama film directed by H. University Press of Kentucky. McFarland, David John Williams — was a British actor. Williams was the nephew of the Anglo-German artist Hubert von Herkomer. The film is considered to be lost. Prints of the film survive in the Czech Film Archive. Robertson and starring Evelyn Brent. A copy of the film is preserved in the Library of Congress collection. Penn Theatre". Chester Times. August 24, Retrieved 26 April Based on the story "Nightstick" by Oliver H. Nolan is particularly impressed by the girl, who affects caps of black-and-white feathers, and is attended by her own bodyguard of gunmen.

She and the detective. Retrieved August 9, Retrieved January 9, Lee, A. Knopf, Frank Tuttle, and Victor Schertzinger—all supervised by the production supervisor, singer, actress, and songwriter Elsie Janis. The screenplay was written by Joseph L. Mankiewicz, produced by Adolph Zukor and Jesse L. Lasky, with cinematography by Victor Milner and Harry Fischbeck. Northrup H. Retrieved September 5, Solomon p. Bibliography Solomon, Aubrey. The Fox Film Corporation, With James Garner in Maverick Diane Brewster March 11, — November 12, was an American television actress most noted for playing three distinctively different roles in television series of the s and s: confidence trickster Samantha Crawford in the western Maverick;[1] pretty young second-grade teacher Miss Canfield in Leave It to Beaver; and doomed wife Helen Kimble in The Fugitive.

Following her sophomore year at the university, she took a job as a secretary at a radio station. She and her husband, Dr. Jabe Walker, an oral s. Mankiewicz, Alfred Savoir and Ernest Vajda. The film was released on May 27, , by Paramount Pictures. Retrieved 12 February Loving Lies is a silent American drama film directed by W. Van Dyke and starring Evelyn Brent. Harmon Weight and starring Evelyn Brent.

Retrieved September 8, The Advocate has called Garland "The Elvis of homosexuals". Garland as tragic figure The aspects of gay identification with Garland were being discussed in the mainstream as early as Time magazine, in reviewing Garland's Palace Theatre engagement, disparagingly noted that a "disproportionate part of her nightly claque seems to be homosexual".

It goes on to say that "[t]he boys in the tight trousers"[3] a phrase Time repeatedly used to describe gay men, as when it described "ecstatic young men in tight trousers pranc[in. Screenland was a monthly U. One magazine-collector site credits, without attribution, one Paul Hunter, "with rescuing Screenland magazine for John Cuneo back in In the magazine reported a love affair between Evelyn Brent and Douglas Fairbanks, resulting in legal threats, and a retraction.

Benton Cheney.


The film was released on August 8, , by Paramount Pictures. Retrieved Carrol Naish and Evelyn Brent. The film was released on November 19, , by Paramount Pictures. Ernest Tindal leaves and her lover, Frank, discovers the body. Frank panics and flees, leaving his fingerprints. He is arrested, convicted and condemned to die. A newspaper reporter, Kirk, and a police captain, McKinley, continue to investigate, particularly after Kirk becomes attracted to Vera, the victim's sister. They successfully prove how Frank was falsely accused while Tindal conspires with gangsters Jack and Julia Reed, still hoping to get away with the crime.

Tindal ends up shooting Jack but is taken into custody by McKinley. Cast John Barrymore as Dr. Ernest Tindal Lynne. Emergency Landing a. Robot Pilot is a American aviation spy-fi romantic screwball comedy film directed by William Beaudine. The film stars Forrest Tucker in his second film and in his first leading role with co-stars Carol Hughes and Evelyn Brent.

Emergency Landing features lots of mismatched stock footage of various types of aircraft. Plot Arizona inventor "Doc" Williams Emmett Vogan has invented a wireless remote control that can pilot an aircraft. Barton has found a job as a test pilot for a millionaire named George Lambert William Halligan with his own aircraft company. When Doc brings a model of his invention, the two send their model aircraft to buzz Lambert on the golf course.

Lambert is fascinated and arranges a test, but his daughter Betty is not, especially when the model lands in a puddle and drenches her. When the time comes for a test of the. Silent Era. Retrieved April 11, Ramsey Phillips Smalley as Mr. University of California Press, Late to work one evening, Billie is saved from dismissal by Nick Verdis, the club proprietor, through the intervention of Steve Crandall, a bootlegger, who desires a liaison with the girl. Steve gives Billie a bracelet to forget that she has seen him helping a "drunk" from the club.

Though Roy is arreste.

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Slightly Scarlet is a American comedy drama film directed by Louis J. Gasnier and Edwin H. Knopf and starring Evelyn Brent and Clive Brook. Henry Brandon born Heinrich von Kleinbach; June 8, — February 15, was a German-American film and stage character actor with a career spanning almost 60 years, involving more than films; he specialized in playing a wide diversity of ethnic roles.

Early life Born in Berlin, Germany in , his parents emigrated to the United States while he was still an infant. After attending Stanford University, where he was a member of the Alpha Sigma Phi fraternity,[1] he trained as a theatre actor at the Pasadena Community Playhouse and subsequently performed on Broadway, continuing to return to the stage periodically throughout his career.

Film career He made his motion picture debut in as an uncredited spectator at the Colosseum in The Sign of the Cross. In , having until then been performing under his real name of Henry Kleinbach, he adopted the stage name of Hen. Paul Series as Jailer's Wife Again Pioneers as Alice Keeler. Evelyn Brent in Stars of the Photoplay. Room, Adrian Retrieved April 27, Passport application. Evelyn Brent: the life and films of Hollywood's Lady Crook. Retrieved September 1, Ellenberger, Allan R. Hollywood Chamber of Commerce.

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Retrieved November 30, Evelyn name topic Evelyn is a given name in the English language, where it can be used as a first name or a surname. Anderson — , American physiologist and biochemist Evelyn Ankers — , American actress Evelyn Ashford born , America female sprinter, gold medalist of the w Folders related to Evelyn name : English feminine given names Revolvy Brain revolvybrain English unisex given names Revolvy Brain revolvybrain English masculine given names Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. Brent topic Brent is an Old English place name and surname.

Evelyn Farkas topic Evelyn N. As he is dressing, another actor complains that his continual head twitc Folders related to The Last Command film : Films with screenplays by Herman J. Revolvy Brain revolvybrain s war films Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. The Mating Call topic The Mating Call is a silent drama film about a soldier who returns home from World War I to find his marriage has been annulled and his wife has remarried. Wellman Revolvy Brain revolvybrain.

Strayer Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. The bargain he makes with Dan is that the stranger has to resign from the military and take a job w Folders related to Forced Landing film : s mystery films Revolvy Brain revolvybrain American action films Revolvy Brain revolvybrain Films directed by Gordon Wiles Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. Strayer Revolvy Brain revolvybrain s drama films Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. Williams actor topic David John Williams — was a British actor. Grandon Revolvy Brain revolvybrain.

Diane Brewster topic With James Garner in Maverick Diane Brewster March 11, — November 12, was an American television actress most noted for playing three distinctively different roles in television series of the s and s: confidence trickster Samantha Crawford in the western Maverick;[1] pretty young second-grade teacher Miss Canfield in Leave It to Beaver; and doomed wife Helen Kimble in The Fugitive.